Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things....

I may regret posting these later, but Jake has come up with some doosies lately....This first one, I'm not sure if I was happy we were in a restaurant or mortified....you'll see why....

A conversation with Jake and Daddy....talking about what we needed to get done after we got home...

Daddy:  Jake, you need to pick up all your toys from the living room and put them in your play room.

Jake:  Where's my playroom???  (because it has several names, the front room, the play room, the toy room)

Daddy:  In the front room, Jake.

Jake:  Daddy...where is your play room???

Daddy:  I don't have a play room...well...I guess the living room is my play room...it has all of my toys.  (does the couch count as a toy??)

Jake:  Daddy...but your bedroom could be your playroom.

And I'll leave it at that!!!  LOL.  

Lately, ever since I did a maternity session that Jake was there for, Jake has been convinced that he has a baby in his tummy...and he will let you know that he does!  Well...he and Daddy had quite the conversation about how only girls have babies in their bellies.  Jake wholeheartedly disagrees and informed Daddy that when he grows up he will have a baby in his belly!!!

I really, really need to be better about writing these things down as he keeps me laughing a lot these days.

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  1. Oh my! These boys keep us on our toes don't they! You'll be glad you recorded those funny memories!