Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Al the Algae Eater....

Well, we have had our first loss.  RIP, AL.  I guess Al decided that he wasn't right for the job and kicked the bucket.  Good thing Pet Smart has a 14 day guarantee on their fish!  So, Doug scooped him out, put him in a baggie, and put him on the back porch while we ate dinner....I mean, what do you do with a dead fish while you eat dinner???

So, Doug brought home Al's cousin, Sal...Sal seems to know his job and seems happy.  Hopefully, Sal works out much better!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adventures in Aquariums

For Christmas, Santa brought Jake an aquarium.  Daddy pleaded with Santa to bring Jake one...and Santa listened.

Well...things have been going well with the little fishies.  All are alive and swimming.  Only one problem.  We placed it in our front room where we get horrendous afternoon sun and now we have algae growing on the sides.  We thought it would be cool to get an algae eater, so off to Pet Smart we go.  Once there, we were talked into going with 2 snails instead.  Okay, they are kinda gross but kinda cool at the same time.  Well...they both refuse to attach to the sides...one is hidden in the mountain thingy we have in there and the other is just crawling around on the gravel.  They are refusing to do their jobs.  So...off we go to Pet Smart again...this time, to get working snails...ones that know what to do.  It's now obvious that on one at Pet Smart agrees with each other and you will hear a different answer depending on who you ask.  So, we left with a real algae eater this time.

One problem...now we can't find either of the snails or the algae eater...appropriately named "Al" the Algae Eater.  I only have one thing to say...he better show himself and get to eatin' some algae!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A new post...

Oh, goodness...it has been a month....I really wanted this to be an everyday thing...

Well...the sickies have hit our house...Doug and Jake have really bad colds.  The big baby won't stay home from work...he insists on going to work with a high fever!  What can ya do??

The little one...he came down stairs this morning and announced that he woke up coughing and that he must have swallowed a fly.  He and daddy were talking about catching bug (a cold bug) and somehow they have turned it into swallowing a fly.  Doug does such a good job explaining things to Jake.  

Next week starts a busy week...and the reality that my little boy is growing up...we have swim lessons and Gymnastic lessons starting.  Jake has been doing a fabulous job in his swim lessons...I think he might get to move up after this next session!!

Kick, Jake, Kick!!
Singing during lessons...silly boy!

Swimming on his back all by himself!!!  I'm so proud of him!!

I can't wait to see what he does in Gymnastic classes!!!  I can't stay in there with him...only the 1st and last class...how sad!!!  I'm sure he'll do great...and it will give me a chance to work out...no excuses.

And, on the note of working out....I have a goal...I'm going to make it public so ya'll can hold me accountable....I am going to do everything that I can to run the Firecracker 5k run in Waynesboro.  By the title, you can probably guess that it is July 4th...so...I think I can do it!!!