Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More T Ball Pics!

Good Job, Jake!

Nice hit!
Foul Ball
Throwing to 1st Base


We found a 3 - 6 yr. old T Ball league here in Waynesboro!!!  Of course, we jumped on the opportunity!!!  Jake had his first practice last night.  3 year olds playing T Ball is just way too cute and funny...even if you don't have your own 3 year old.

Getting a little instruction from the coach
Eagerly waiting for the ball to be hit to him

I have more pictures, of course, but Jake has been asking all morning to go out and play catch, so off we go to play catch.  And how nice of Daddy to dig out his old softball glove to give me to play catch with Jake....I'm so not a baseball kind of girl!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things....

I may regret posting these later, but Jake has come up with some doosies lately....This first one, I'm not sure if I was happy we were in a restaurant or'll see why....

A conversation with Jake and Daddy....talking about what we needed to get done after we got home...

Daddy:  Jake, you need to pick up all your toys from the living room and put them in your play room.

Jake:  Where's my playroom???  (because it has several names, the front room, the play room, the toy room)

Daddy:  In the front room, Jake.

Jake:  Daddy...where is your play room???

Daddy:  I don't have a play room...well...I guess the living room is my play has all of my toys.  (does the couch count as a toy??)

Jake:  Daddy...but your bedroom could be your playroom.

And I'll leave it at that!!!  LOL.  

Lately, ever since I did a maternity session that Jake was there for, Jake has been convinced that he has a baby in his tummy...and he will let you know that he does!  Well...he and Daddy had quite the conversation about how only girls have babies in their bellies.  Jake wholeheartedly disagrees and informed Daddy that when he grows up he will have a baby in his belly!!!

I really, really need to be better about writing these things down as he keeps me laughing a lot these days.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures, As Promised!

Jake hunting eggs
Jules hunting eggs  (this is his girlfriend)
Ms. Jules...
Hide it under a bushel, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh, my!!!

I know...I still have to get pics up...but this was just way too funny not to share....

Kailey and Jake are drawing pics for's so sweet....

Kailey comes running out to me and tells me....

"This is the cross I died on last week when my mommy was running after me"

I guess they are really listening in church!!!

Jake had to come and show me his picture of "Jesus and the cross He died on"

I have to get some pictures of these....


I have got to be one of the meanest Mommies and Aunts alive...

Both Jake and Kailey were just bouncing off the walls...hyper...mouthy...not name it...Why on earth I thought going to Burger King was a good idea, I'm not sure.  AND...I didn't do what my good friend Judy does with her kiddos...go thru the Drive Thru and then go to the play area....what a GREAT that I WILL use!

Anyway...I set the expectation of no yelling, no running, you need to sit at the table while I order.  Well, that was probably expecting a little too much from them, but, at the time, I thought they could handle it.  Of course, they were bouncing off the walls, there, so I warned them and reminded them of the consequence of leaving if they did not behave.  Well, let's just say, they chose not to behave and we left...didn't even get a chance to order.  I guess that it didn't help that I felt like people were looking at me like I couldn't control these children.  I don't understand why parents of teenagers seem to forget what it is like to have a 3yr. old that sometimes can be loud and disobedient.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lots of Crafts and Singing Today...

What a yucky, rainy, day!!   The kiddos were absolutely WILD today so we didn't even go to the library.  As I sat here pondering what on earth am I going to do with these guys today...I got the idea to do some spring and Easter crafts.

So...we made some foam crosses and decorated them for Jesus.  They were so sweet...They wanted Jesus to be happy with them for making beautiful crosses.  We talked about Easter and what really happened at Easter.  I am really suprised at what all they knew.  

Jacob decided to tell me this story:  (which, is a little frightening to me as he was REALLY sick last year and he basically passed out on us from being dehydrated)  Anyway...on to the story....

"One day, I was really, really sick and I went to Heaven to see Jesus, but God told me it wasn't time yet and to go back home".

I'll have some pictures to share a bit later of the crafts....

We put in a CD of some kiddie is way too sweet.  They were stuck on "This Little Light of Mine"  I have some great pictures of them singing and dancing and holding out their "Little Lights".  It is now supposed to be quiet time (but this is the first day of doing quiet time) and it's almost quiet.  I think it is quiet enough for me to get my shower!!!  I'll be posting pictures later...